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Key Benefits

  • Fast data transfer rate!

  • Low cost

  • Flexibility in data save format (transform, scrub data during the transfer to file).

  • Date Driver Logic to get delta database changes.

  • Generic utility for any database that is ODBC compliant.

  • Customized for Oracle SQL Loader.

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DBExtractor is a batch utility program, usually run as a scheduled task, which extracts data from any database that has an ODBC driver installed.  Data is extracted via SQL statements defined in an initialization file, so the user is not just restricted to exporting data for specified tables, but for any data specified in  an SQL statement.  Further, it has an embedded DATE LOGIC DRIVER, with which you can get delta database changes.

The screen shots below show the shell output for a successful utility run and the initialization file that was used to drive it.

DBExtractor image1

DBExtractor image2



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